What does my new puppy need?

what does my new puppy need

A new puppy is such an exciting time for a family. I love to watch the new families leave with their precious little baby in tow. It’s so rewarding. I get a lot of request for what does my new puppy need? So I thought I’d share with you what we use and love for our newest family members.


When you bring home your puppy there are always things you are going to need. Here’s a list of the top ten things we have found that a puppy needs at their new home. 

10 things a puppy needs in there new home

  1. A crate to call there own. It’s so important to crate train your puppy (this is my opinion and it may differ from yours). I love for my dogs to know that when I crate them they are secure and they can not get into anything that might hurt them while I’m out running errands or gone for the day. It gives me peace of mind to know they are safe and secure in their crate.
  2. Something to chew on. They are puppies so they are sure to chew. Give them things they are always allowed to chew on so they do not grab your shoe by mistake. It’s so easy to swap out what they’re not supposed to be chewing on when you have what they are allowed to chew on right there. We let ours chew on deer antlers. They are great treats for the puppies. We also love to give them various chew toys, balls, etc. We give them antlers when they are in their crates to help alleviate boredom.  They get the other toys when they’re out of their crates.
  3. A pet bed is always a plus. If you have standards or bigger dogs you will need to get a nice firm pet bed. This helps their joints as they age. It’s such a great idea to get them up off the floor and onto their bed to keep their bodies feeling their best.
  4. If where you got your pet didn’t get them for you make sure you get your dog a pet tag for their collar. You want them to be found and returned to you very easily.
  5. A pet brush is a weekly needed item. You need to brush their hair to keep those mattes away. Grabbing a pet brush and brushing them at least once a week is recommended.
  6. Good quality pet food is a must! We use and recommend Royal Canine pet food. It’s a great brand with a good reputation and our pups always enjoy their food.
  7. A good water bowl is a need for your new puppy. We love the ones that keep the water fresh like this pet water fountain.
  8. A pet carrier for those days you are out and about and you want to take them to the vet or just with you. I use these all the time. Here’s what our pet carrier looks like.
  9. A pet food mat while not totally necessary we have found that they do work really well in containing those pet messes at dinner time.
  10. Love and affection of their humans is the most important thing that your new puppy needs that can not be bought.  A new snuggle puppy can definitely help though. We send one home free with every puppy and our families rave about how much they’re babies love them.


Once you have the items you need their needs pretty much stay the same. You may have to replace a ball every now and then but other than that once you have the items they need they are set. They just want your love and care. Love and care comes from giving them what they need from the start. Did I forget anything? What does your puppy need that they can’t do without?

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