We’ve added a new goldendoodle coloring book to help



What a great way to help your children understand how to take care of their goldendoodle puppy! Here’s where you can order it at! I don’t keep these at the house so you’ll have to order it to have it for your kids!

It explains to them step by step all the things that have to be done for them to take care of their new puppy. You’re going to want this! You can read it to them in story format and then let them color it and do the games and puzzles that are in there also. Do you have a goldendoodle puppy? Make sure you grab this before it sells out!


Then your kids will know exactly what all they have to do to help care and feed the family’s newest pet. They will know about feeding, quiet time, toy time, puzzle toys, lick mats, etc. All the things that help your sweet doodle to quiet them are included in this book. They will learn that puppies need to have access to water all day. That they need to trade the puppies things instead of yelling at them. They will learn to swap items out and more! They will learn about exercise and walks too. This will be a great learning tool to help the family get ready for their big day when the new family member comes home. I wrote it so it has all that included in the book as well as being able to color and do the puzzles! Have fun!

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