Puppy Application

Breeder reserves the right to refund a Buyer’s deposit/payments and not sell a puppy if the Buyer feels, at Buyer’s sole discretion, the environment will not be a good fit for Buyer’s puppies at any time before the puppy goes home.

  • (Please note that puppies are seldom calm.)
  • (Active, moderately active, sedentary, etc.)
  • (i.e. 6 mo from now, Christmas, etc)
  • Please be specific by noting the mother's name and litter date as listed on the New/Future litters page.
  • Check the boxes to agree.
  • To do this click and copy this link. Put in bar at the top of a new page. Then when the page pops up click on the words required reading. Thank you!! https://goldendoodlesoftn.com/required-reading/