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Our upcoming litters are here! Please excuse our mess we are working on our website as one of our plugins bit the dust.

Just click the link to the taken to the litter and see photos at the bottom of each post.

You will also see the parents, testing, etc.


  1. **Mary Grace and Joey Reds, apricots This will be their second litter of mediums. They will be 35-45 lbs. Born and two males available.
  2. Cookie and Joey red mini mediums 30-44 lbs. They will be reds with white spots. This will be their first litter whenever heat commences. Hopefully May or June 2024. She’s a sweety from Willow and Cooper.
  3. **Maggie and Graham Reds, tuxedos, spots. (Larger mediums or Smaller Standard 40-55 lbs +/-) This is their first litter as well. Heat has started and honeymoon is over.  Due around March 2024.
  4. Amberly and Joey Late Summer Litter we estimate. Minis (phantoms, creams, apricots) 30-35lbs +/-. This is their second litter. Hopefully due September.
  5. Gigi and Joey Late Summer litter. Mini’s (reds) This is their third litter. They will be red, red, red. 25-35 lbs. Hopefully due September.
  6. **Avery Dutton standards (cream and whites, reds, golds, apricots) This is their second litter. Heat has commenced and honeymoon is over. Due 03/2024. 55-65 lbs
  7. Mochi Dutton Standards (blacks) This is their second litter. These will probably be due around May. We will know more when her heat commences. 55-65 lbs
  8. Lacee (multigen) and Dutton (F1) Standards (creams) due hopefully around late summer or Fall. We are currently waiting for her heat to commence.

**Current litter now.