Sweet Mochi makes her home with her guardian family. Mochi (aka Moomoo) is an energetic bundle of pure love and joy. She loves a rousing game of catch with her brother Ollie and take away from her mom Chloe.  She responds the best to commands. She loves games and puzzles. God blessed her with big feet and nothing brings her more joy than to use her gift to swipe your feet out from under you! She is gentle, sweet, super intelligent and affectionate. She brings much joy and laughter to our family. Here’s a few candid shots of Mochi!


Mochi goes to prom                       

Mochi, Dad, Sister Caitlyn and mom Chloe.  In this pic Mochi has the bandana on and the fresh fade!
Here’s her testing results:

Registered Name:GND’S Mochi at the House of LangenhovenDOB:  4/27/2017
Everyday name:MochiRegistration No:  
Breed:Goldendoodle (Standard F5 F3b)Color:Chocolate
Registered Owner:Seller. (Lives with his guardian family in Murfreesboro, TN)Weight:  59 lbs
Hips:Good (06-08-2021 OFA)Elbows:Normal (06-21-2021OFA)
[/vc_column][/vc_row]    These eyes!       

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