Maggie + Graham larger medium Waiting List Open

Meet Maggie and Graham

Meet Mom Maggie

Meet Dad Graham

Maggie + Graham Waiting List Open

Maggie is a beautiful red medium goldendoodle from Luna and Cooper. Graham is a tan tuxedo puppy from Sam and Dawson. I can’t wait to see how these puppies look! They are going to be gorgeous.

Go home date will be 8 weeks after birth. We will have a more accurate estimate after they honeymoon and her heat has started. Guesstimate right now is March or April 2024. This is our best guess. Sometimes our guess then changes once heat begins!

This is their first litter.

Colors expected: reds, tans, hopefully abstracts/tuxedos.

Maggie + Graham Waiting FamiliesGender
1. Breeder should she electEither
2. Telfeyan (Nashville, TN)Female tuxedo
3. North (Orange Park, FL)Male red
4. Holmes (Brentwood, TN)Female

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