In Memory of

This page is dedicated to the beautiful puppies who succumbed to the awful parvo-virus in August of 2005. We had 15 adorable babies, all sold and ready for their new homes and familes, when the virus was brought onto our premises by a dog we had bought from another breeder and brought directly on to our premises.

We now quarantine all dogs and puppies before bringing them onsite. A very hard way to learn this lesson.

Once the virus struck, we spared no effort or expense to try and save these precious puppies, but the 9 pictured here died despite our vet’s best efforts. Please follow our guidelines about when and where NOT to take your pup if he/she is under the age of 16 weeks (click the underlined link to see our “Pet Health” web page).

With all the special care we give to our litters, this horrible virus still caught us by surprise. We have changed our visiting policy because of it and have introduced the use of NeoPar ( at four weeks so that this life robbing, heartbreaking virus never strikes our beloved babies again.