How We Match You to Your Puppy


The puppies’ personalities begin to emerge at about four weeks.  We keep notes of their temperaments and assess them daily.  Into the fifth week, their personalities become more noticeable and before six weeks we will be able to provide you with an assessment of each puppy’s personality and temperament and make recommendations.

Puppy selections are made after their 7 week vet check and our 7  week meet-n-greet.  We ask for your input as to your preferences after the meet-n-greet (if you are unable to attend the meet-n-greet, you will not be at a disadvantage for matchings).  We will make preliminary matches and send an email to you with our recommendations and why we think the puppy(ies) noted fit your “wishlist” the best. Each family will have the opportunity to discuss the puppies with us if they have another puppy they would like to consider.  In the case of more than one family wanting the same puppy, the order you are on the website makes the final decision.

Breeder reserves final decision.