Our Testing Protocol – How to Choose a Breeder

The decision to bring home a new pup is a big one. After deciding upon the breed, the next big step is to choose your breeder, another decision not to be taken lightly. The best thing to keep in mind when pouring over the many websites is this:


It takes a lot of hard work, integrity, and expense to be a good breeder. Buying from a breeder¬†who does not complete and clear their parent dogs for the following genetic issues is gambling with¬†your money and your pup’s future health. Please don’t be fooled by breeders who post reasons¬†why testing should NOT be done or that it is unreliable. If it really didn’t matter, we wouldn’t take¬†the considerable time, effort and expense to do so. It is our opinion that unless a breeder can¬†provide you with all the testing set forth immediately upon request – and this includes us – you¬†should find another breeder.


Each breed requires breed-specific testing, and miniature dogs require additional testing beyond¬†the breed-specific testing. The listing of the minimum testing you should accept regarding¬†your puppy’s parents is shown below. It is the testing required by top breeder sites, including: ¬†www.GoldendoodleClubOfAmerica.com (under construction), and www.Goldendoodle-Labradoodle.org:

Golden Retriever parents should be cleared for:
1. Hip displaysia: Hip clearance from OFA or Pennhip.
2. Eyes (CERF)
3. Hearts – tested and certified by OFA
4. Elbows (OFA) on all new certifications.
Elbows have become a recent problem in the breed. Due to this, you may find many of the older tested dogs will not have elbow clearances. In order to continue to keep up with the research and the recommendations of the breed Assoc.-we will require elbows on all Golden Retrievers to be cleared on all new certifications.

Poodle parents should be cleared for:
1. Hip displaysia: Hip clearance from OFA or Pennhip
2. Eyes (CERF)
3. Von Willebrands (vWd) (bleeding disorder) DNA or Blood screen

(Some breeder groups require: Sebaceous Adenitis (SA) Skin Disorder)

Goldendoodles must be cleared for all testing required of golden retrievers AND poodles

MINI Poodles and MINI goldendoodles:
Same as #1-4 for poodles, above. IN ADDITION: Tests required for breeding of Miniature and Toy Poodles and Miniature-Medium Goldendoodles:

1. Patellas (back “kneecaps”) tested and cleared against Luxation (see:¬†http://offa.org/patluxinfo.html) it is very important that Patellas are cleared in ALL miniature¬†parents – we advise against buying a pup from a parent that has not been cleared.

(taken directly from www.Goldendoodle-Labradoodle.org)


Prospective buyers are advised to do an internet search for the website name follwed by the words¬†“complaints” or “reviews”. Various websites for rip-off reporting and consumer complaints will come up¬†with reports from their previous customers.

Please don’t buy a puppy from a pet store or ¬†broker who sells from puppy mills. Make sure your breeder or kennel is¬†legitimate.

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