Help for New Puppy Owners

If Your Puppy Won't Eat (and for dogs of all ages)

Sometimes, a new puppy won’t eat for the first few days in his/her new environment.  This is a great and easy recipe with lots of protein that your puppy will devour.

This is great for a dog of any age who is having tummy troubles, too, recovering, or nursing moms after whelping.

Organic chicken breast
Organic chicken broth
Organic full grain rice / brown rice

Vegetables optional (carrots, potatoes….)

Put all ingredients on low in your crock pot until chicken is tender. You may also boil if you need to have it right away.

We don’t use treats – we use individual pieces of kibble (dry dog food) and the dogs love eating it out our hand as a “treat”.  If you do buy treats, we suggest you  get from a holistic pet bakery/pet store.  Many treats are made in China and can be harmful – even deadly – to your pet.  In addition, many owners go overboard on treats and rewarding and then wonder why their pup isn’t eating much.

Aggression or just playing?

BellaVideoPuppyPlay  (click link)

It may be hard to tell if your puppy is showing aggression or just playing.   You’ll be relieved to know that what seems like an aggressive puppy is usually a puppy initiating play time and needs your direction for appropriate behavior.  (Please note:  if there is an actual bite/puncture, seek a trainer’s help right away.)

Bella Tidwell just wants to play but her owners double-checked with our awesome trainer, Tammy MacLean, just to make sure.  Tammy instructed Bella’s owners as follows:

Thank you for taking the time to send me the video of Bella. It was very revealing!!!

Bella is 100% playing/trying to entice you to play in that video! There is not one single ounce of mean or negatively aggressive behaviour displayed at all in the video. This is normal adolescent play behaviour, I promise you!

When she is doing this, try crouching down and holding your arms out to her (about half way out, kind of like you are setting up to embrace a child that is running toward you for a hug). Keep your palms facing up somewhat so your body language is inviting. This will let her know you are welcoming her and she will more than likely come over to you for a snuggle. If she does, try to have a calm, petting, cuddle moment with her and then you could follow up with going to get a toy with her (‘do you want to play?’ ‘where is the rope toy?’ ‘let’s go find the rope toy’ etc..) and then play for a few minutes. She will probably be a bit bouncy at first so make sure she doesn’t knock you down when you are crouched lol and be ready to stand up to steady yourself !

Puppies have baby teeth

Did you know that your puppy will lose his/her “baby teeth” at 16 weeks of age?

This is why your new puppy will want – and need – to chew.  Be sure to have safe chew toys/treats for him/her.

Rope toys, kong toys and bully sticks are great teething/chew treats.

Never use rawhide as they are not safe for your puppy.

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