Guardian Program


We utilize guardian families in our breeding program.  A guardian family is a family who agrees to take one of our puppies that we have specially picked for our breeding program.  The puppy lives with the family as their pet, but is raised under our guidelines.  At the appropriate age, our guardian family takes the puppy for all the genetic testing that our dogs undergo prior to breeding.  Once the puppy passes all its testing and attains adulthood, our guardian families are responsible for bringing the dog to us for breeding, to the vet for ultrasounds and check ups, and then back to us several days prior to the dog’s due date for whelping (birthing).

Our guardian family participates/assists in the whelping.  The puppies remain with us until we are confident all puppies are nursing well and thriving.  The guardian family takes the puppies and mama back to their home and, under our strict guidance, cares for the puppies and the mom. Our guardian families take weekly photos, videos a few times each week, and are in contact with us daily.  Guardian families bring the puppies and mom to our home and participate in our 6 week meet-n-greet, accompany us to the vet for the 6 week vet check up, and assist in puppy pick ups.  Our guardians are an integral part of our breeding program and we would not be able to operate our breeding program without them.

Our guardian program has many benefits for us, the puppies, the guardians and you, the new puppy owners.  Presently, we have three breeding dogs who live with us, Sadie, Bru & Carli.  Past experience has shown us that if we keep too many dogs in our home, it is difficult for us to give each dog the 100% attention that it deserves and needs.  Our breeding program is a full time business administratively, in addition to the dog and puppy care required.  All our dogs are inside pets and by living with different families, each dog receives the same attention and care that every pet deserves.  Our dogs aren’t living in kennels or staying outside, they are living as beloved family members.  Our guardian families have children who help socialize the puppies and the puppies get familiar with daily household noises and happenings.   With extra family members present, the puppies receive hands-on socialization and are pre-spoiled for their forever homes.  Our guardian families receive compensation for their hard work, and so not only is it a labor of love for them, there is a monetary incentive for them to adhere to the protocols that we have in place for both our parent dogs and our litters of puppies.   The result is healthy, happy, socialized puppies for our adopting families.


Guardians of: Beau, Millie, & Elle

(ZuZu, Coco Chanel, Lucy, & Roxy retired)

Guardians:  Dawson & Juliet

Guardians: Willow-Dean

Guardians: Luna


Guardians of: Calvin

Guardians of:  Dolly     Shiloh(retired)     Chloe         Poppy

1-22-16 Dolly webpage photo 1       

Guardians:  Cooper