What’s Included

What’s Included

We have been breeding goldendoodles since 2004


Our puppies include

  • GUARANTEE: Our doodles come with a 2-year written health guaranty against life altering &/or threatening genetic disorders (including hip displaysia). You will NEVER be asked to return your puppy in order for our guarantee to be effective.
  • All shots and de-wormings appropriate for their ages are provided. We use the Neotech, LLC vaccine program. Full vet exam is performed at six weeks of age.
  • Pups are microchipped and will be registered online in your name prior to leaving our premises. We use MicroFindr Microchips ; pups are registered with Petlink.net.
  • Our tote bag will be filled with:
    • Records and photos of parents;
    • FREE 30-day pet insurance policy with Trupanion that may be continued after the 30-day period expires.
    • Health record for your puppy
    • Blanket with mom’s/littermates’ scent, and cd with “baby photos” & videos
    • Snuggle Puppy
  • Unlimited follow up, back up, or any type of assistance we can provide to you.
  • We guarantee re-homing for the puppy if unforeseen circumstances require the surrender of any dog bred by us.


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each pup is used to sponsor donation puppies for special needs children. (For families with financial limitations that would otherwise prevent the adoption of a service or therapy dog.  We hand-select our families from pre-selected organizations with which we work – we do not have an open application process.)



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