We regret that as of July, 2015, we will no longer be able to ship puppies to our families.  Airline restrictions and red tape have made it so difficult to ship that we have had to make the decision to no longer offer this service.

You can pick up your puppy from us and fly home with it in the cabin with you.

Check the website for the airline you will be flying for information fees, and any restrictions as they can vary from carrier to carrier.

You will need a soft-sided crate that will stow under the seat in front of you. We recommend this type of wheeled carrier since they are easy to transport your puppy around the airport, doubles as a puppy back pack, and can be seat belted into your vehicle.  (Search the internet for “puppy carrier with wheels” and you should find a number of options at a variety of prices.)

We ask that you confer with us before making your flight reservations.



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