Pricing~Breeding Program~Info

Standards-$2,000.00*            Mediums-$2,100.00*          Minis-$2,500.00*

*phantoms – additional $400

We appreciate our men and women in uniform – please let us know who you are so that we may offer a $100 discount as our way of saying “thank you for all you do.”

Deposits are $300.



PAYMENT INFORMATION – $300 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a puppy. The deposit is applied to the purchase price of the puppy.
One-half remaining balance is due by the time puppy is 3 weeks of age.
Remaining balance is due and MUST BE RECEIVED BY US by the time the puppy is 6 weeks of age.
PLEASE NOTE: If we do not have a pup for you in your requested litter, your deposit is refundable, or may be transferred to another litter. If you decide not to remain on the waiting list for any reason other than our inability to provide you with the puppy you request in your puppy application, your deposit WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. (Your deposit may be applied to a future litter for up to one year if you notify us BEFORE your reserved litter is born that you wish to move to a future litter; if you notify us AFTER the litter is born and you have had a puppy reserved, the deposit is NOT refundable and is NOT eligible to be used toward a future litter.)

Accepted forms of payment – Personal checks (accepted up to 6 weeks of age; past that, payable in cash in the case of a puppy that is sold after it is 6 weeks of age)
PayPal – Paypal may be used FOR DEPOSITS ONLY – NOT for puppy balance 
payments. (Email us for our PayPal address).
No money orders as they cannot be deposited via mobile banking app.

DesignationHeight at shouldersAPPROX. Weight
Mini below 14 in. up to 35 lbs
Moyen (mini-medium)14-18 in. 40-45 lbs
Standard 19-22 in. 50-75 lbs
Royal (we do not produce Royals at this time)over 22 in. 75 lbs and above

We have been breeding goldendoodles since 2004tote-edited-smallerOur puppies include

  • GUARANTEE: Our doodles come with a 2-year written health guaranty against life altering &/or threatening genetic disorders (including hip displaysia). You will NEVER be asked to return your puppy in order for our guarantee to be effective.
  • All shots and de-wormings appropriate for their ages are provided. We use the Neotech, LLC vaccine program. Full vet exam is performed at six weeks of age.
  • Pups are microchipped and will be registered online in your name prior to leaving our premises. We use MicroFindr Microchips ; pups are registered with
  • Our tote bag will be filled with:
    • Puppy packets include special made-to-order puppy collars with name tags engraved with your name and phone number(s);
    • Records and photos of parents; puppy Registration papers GCA (Goldendoodle Club of America)
    • FREE 30-day pet insurance policy with Trupanion that may be continued after the 30-day period expires.
    • Health record for your puppy
    • Blanket with mom’s/littermates’ scent, and cd with “baby photos” & videos
    • Snuggle Puppy
    • Tylan powder & Nutrical
  • Unlimited follow up, back up, or any type of assistance we can provide to you.
  • We guarantee re-homing for the puppy if unforeseen circumstances require the surrender of any dog bred by us.


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each pup is used to sponsor donation puppies for special needs children. (For families with financial limitations that would otherwise prevent the adoption of a service or therapy dog.  We hand-select our families from pre-selected organizations with which we work – we do not have an open application process.)


mabel airplane


We regret that as of July, 2015, we will no longer be able to ship puppies to our families.  Airline restrictions and red tape have made it so difficult to ship that we have had to make the decision to no longer offer this service.  

You can pick up your puppy from us and fly home with it in the cabin with you.

Check the website for the airline you will be flying for information fees, and any restrictions as they can vary from carrier to carrier.

You will need a soft-sided crate that will stow under the seat in front of you. We recommend this type of wheeled carrier since they are easy to transport your puppy around the airport, doubles as a puppy back pack, and can be seat belted into your vehicle.  (Search the internet for “puppy carrier with wheels” and you should find a number of options at a variety of prices.)

We ask that you confer with us before making your flight reservations.

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We are in the Nashville, TN area and you are welcome to visit with us.  We will make every effort for you to be able to meet the parent dogs of your choice. Since many of our dogs live with guardian families, we need to make appointments that are convenient for the guardian families as well. Some of our dogs may not be available to meet at the time of your visit as some may be breeding, pregnant, already had their puppies, or we may have used an outside stud from another breeder.

Once the puppies are born, we cannot have people visit the mom and puppies for the first 7 weeks for several reasons.  The mom is very protective and can become agitated if non-family members are around her puppies, which can adversely affect her milk production.  In addition, she may jump up to warn the newcomers to get away from her pups.  In doing so, she can injure her puppies with her feet/nails, and I know breeders who have had a puppy die from the injuries. Our puppies receive anti-parvo vaccinations that start at 5 weeks.  At 8 weeks, they receive their first puppy shot for the prevention of Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 1 and 2, Parainfluenza And Parvovirus.

Until they have received their first parvo shot, they are at risk for exposure to the parvo virus which can be brought in on shoes and clothing.  (The parvo virus is discussed in our Pet Health page.) For the protection of our puppies, a meet-n-greet is not scheduled until they are 7 weeks of age, and only families getting a puppy from a litter may visit with their litter. We are entrusted to care for the puppies until they go to their forever families who are the true owners of the pups. Sending them home healthy and sound is our job. We know you’d want the same care and concern for your puppy, and we appreciate your understanding