Amberly relaxing at home.                Isn’t she precious? I love her curls.

Meet Amberly. She’s a sable Moyan poodle. She has a sweet disposition and loves her family. She’s timid but playful and loves nothing more than being in the house on the couch or floor laying at our feet while we hang out watching tv, playing jackbox or reading in a chair. She’s quite quirky as most poodles are but her quirks are endearing. She’s happy, playful and loves her friends Maggie and Bebe. She also loves to play in the mud nonstop. She has spunk and character! She has passed all her testing!



Registered Name:GND’S Amberly the poodleDOB:  09-30-2021
Everyday name:AmberlyRegistration No:  n/a
Registered Owner:SellerWeight:  32 lbs
Hips:OFA Prelimin - Good [bg#81d742;b;borders_all;border_right;border_bottom]Elbows:OFA -
Elbows Normal [border_right;border_bottom;bg#81d742]PatellaNormal

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