Stud Service

Stud Service

We no longer offer Stud Service. Sorry!

We offer stud service from some of our males. Stud service is available ONLY to breeders who have fully tested and cleared females (see Testing Protocol page for testing required). If contact breeding is used, the breeding female must have a clear brucellosis test current within past 30 days.

The owner of the breeding female is responsible for all vet and transport costs & fees incurred in addition to the stud fee.

The following studs are available:

Fresh chilled, fresh frozen or contact

Beau: $2,000 per breeding

Standard Multigen Goldendoodle (65 lbs)

Color:  Bbee

Improper Coat: Normal (not a carrier)

photo 1 photo 2




Montegue: $1,500 per breeding

Red standard poodle (50 lbs)




Fresh chilled, fresh frozen or contact

Romeo: $2,000 per breeding

Red mini goldendoodle (35 lbs)