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We live right outside of beautiful Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee in Smyrna. That’s just about 20 minutes southeast of Nashville.  Teri began breeding goldendoodles in 2004 after having bred golden retrievers prior to that.  It had been our intention to breed both golden retrievers and goldendoodles, but after our first litter of goldendoodles, we were hooked and never looked back.

I have been a guardian for over 3+ years for Teri. Teri has earned a grand retirement and when she did she asked me if I would take over. I am so happy I did. I’ve been doing this for Teri since 2020 and I dearly love all that goes into raising these precious puppies. It’s a family affair here. My daughter and my son all help us with the business. From cleaning our small kennel, to delivering puppies, making folders, and keeping track of paperwork they help in every aspect. You can see my family here on our Demarest guardians page!


Our puppies are family-raised indoors and showered with lots of love and attention.  All our dogs are family members – they are not kennel dogs.  We help deliver each puppy, and from birth to “toddler-hood,” they sleep next to me for the first few days, and always inside with heat lamps, constant monitoring, and lots of attention and socialization.  We form a bond with each pup and we record each pup’s personality in order to match it to the right family.  We utilize guardian families for many of our dogs which ensures that every dog gets individual & 100% attention as an important family member and keeps the number of dogs living together in our home and our guardian homes to a minimum.  (See “Guardian Family” link for more information).

All parents are tested and cleared for genetic abnormalities that could be passed to the puppies. (See our “What To Look For In A Breeder” page.) We belong to the breeding associations shown below (see logos). We comply with the testing requirements set forth at:




All of our puppies are handled daily and pre-spoiled.  We implement the “SuperPuppy” method of biosensor early neurological stimulation from days 3 through 16 (click HERE for link to “SuperPuppy” explanation and photos).   They receive lots of love and affection and are used to being around other dogs, kids, and a busy household.  They live in a climate-controlled environment with music.  They are used to household noises such as the television, vacuum, lawn mower, etc., and are not easily “spooked” by such common noises.  They are litter trained to use a litter box with alfalfa pellets or puppy pads to do “their business.”  We have many wonderful references and testimonies from happy owners, and are happy to share those with you.

A number of our puppies have been trained and are working service dogs for children with autism, angelman syndrome and down syndrome. (See our Service Dogs pages.)

We take our job as your breeder very seriously.  As fun as it is to have pups, it is also a business and we treat it as such.  Our goal is to operate with integrity and ethics and produce genetically sound pups.  This takes a lot of time and expense for testing, and we are proud of the result.

Please see our Breeding Program/Pricing page and our Purchase & Guarantee Contract page for more information.

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Thank you for considering GoldenDoodles of Tennessee!

We are proud to be a member of the doodle organizations listed below (see logos). As a premium & recommended breeder, we belong to a group of top breeders that is doing its best to insure that our clients are finding the puppy that will be as genetically sound as possible.

We test for the following genetic problems and only breed dogs that have been cleared for issues from:

  • Hip displaysia
  • Elbows
  • Patella
  • Cardiac
  • Eyes: CERF, PRA-prcd, (golden retreivers and goldendoodles for GR_PRA1)
  • Additional testing on our poodles for: vonWildebrands disease (vWd)


Whether you purchase your beloved pup from GoldensDoodlesofTN.com or from another breeder, we recommend that you buy from a breeder who performs these tests.

To insure that you are getting the best, you need to search out the best.

Insist on The Best: All Breeders Are Not The Same

Please review our How to Choose a Breeder page and find out why all breeders are not the same.

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